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Re: European delivery

> When I first started looking at Quattros (1986), I was planning a trip
> to Germany for the Oktoberfest. After browsing at the local dealer's
> selection of 4000Q's, I talked with them about European Delivery.
> Basically, the deal is that you get the car at about 10% less than
> the normal US price. But, there is a 2% fee, and about $1500 in
> customs charges and transshipping charges in the states. So, for
> a $20K car, it added up to about the same.

Just a short point... if you were travelling to Europe at your own expense,
in other words, NOT ON BUSINESS, would you need to rent a car while there???
How much would that cost??? My father has bought 2 Audis with European delivery
as my parents holiday for 6 weeks in UK/Mainland Europe every 2 years. Six
weeks of rentals could be big dollars!!!!

It was worth it to him!


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