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Re: European delivery

> All this discussion of the Audi factory and Germany Automobile museums,
> prompts me to ask if anyone has done a European purchase of an Audi?
> When we purchased our Audi last year, I remember seeing a brochure on
> the European delivery plan, but it was a year outdated.  They seem 
> to indicate that the interest wasn't that strong.  In addition, a
> majority of European delivery buyers do it for the reduced price of the 
> car.  And with Audi, it is pretty easy to negotiate a good price,
> thanks to 60 minutes.  I have read posts of ED for Mercedes, BMW, Saab
> and Volvos, so any Audi or VWs for that matter??

When I first started looking at Quattros (1986), I was planning a trip
to Germany for the Oktoberfest. After browsing at the local dealer's
selection of 4000Q's, I talked with them about European Delivery.

Basically, the deal is that you get the car at about 10% less than
the normal US price. But, there is a 2% fee, and about $1500 in
customs charges and transshipping charges in the states. So, for
a $20K car, it added up to about the same.

If I were buying a $50K S4 (don't I wish...) it would make a great
deal of sense. Also, you are allowed to drive the car in Germany,
so if you were planning on renting one there, it would save you
that cost.

They seemed to have the mechanism down pretty well, but since I
couldn't afford $20K, I bought a Golf instead, and waited. In the
end it paid off: I have 2 quattros now....


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