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Re: '90 90Q 20V Questions

Hairy green toads from Mars made Fred Heald say:

> Since I've decided to replace my 92 Isuzu Amigo with something that's 
> more like a real car, I've been looking around for a 90 Quattro.  I 
> happened to find this list at about the same time, and I've been lurking 
> around reading all the stuff in the archives.  So, the other night at a 
> sushi bar I found a 90Q 20V with a for sale sign in the window!
> I test drove the car today, and loved it.  So I just wanted to check here 
> and see what y'all think.
> It's a 1990 90Q 20V, with 38K miles.  It's been driven in CA and WA, but 
> I saw no evidence of rust or salt damage.  It's got the whole package 
> that came with the 20V - heated seats, ski bag, extra guages.  Also has 
> an airbag, which I guess was optional.  Nice external, a few scratches, 
> one headlight glass has rock cracks, the front of the hood has a few tiny 
> paint nicks but nothing major.  The tires look fine, Dunlop low profile, 
> tho I think I'd like a bit bigger ones when these are ready for 
> replacement - how big tires can I put on this car?  With a small 
> suspension lift (if such things are possible)?
> The guy wants $16,500US, and will let me take it to a mechanic first for a 
> compression check, etc.  I think I'll drop by the local dealer, Vasek 
> Polak in Torrance (need to make an appointment first I guess).
> If I end up buying this car I'll probably put many many miles on it - 
> about 25K/year I guess.  And tho I don't plan to take it on the Baja 1000 
> (the '65 Rover will be for that), I may burn down some Mojave dirt roads 
> in it now and then.
> I'm used to 4WD trucks, so this car has a very nice feel to it (see car 
> list below).  Do you of markedly more wisdom than I re: Audis think this 
> sounds like a good deal?  I might be able to talk the guy down a bit if I 
> offer him cash, but I don't have to (I hate doing that just to save a few 
> bucks).

Well, I just bought one of these this summer (for my wife ;-( ).
It is an exceptional car. The 20V engine is quite sweet, and (in
my mind at least) marks a good compromise in power without going
to a turbo.

We got ours at a local dealer that knows me and let me have first
crack at it. Remind me to send him a christmas card. The car was
also a 1990, in pearl white with black leather. It had 46K miles
on it, and it was $15,900. Yours sounds like a pretty good deal.

The airbag wasn't really optional in 1990, it was being phased in.
Most of the 90Q's in 1990 that got airbags were the 20V, since they
were the top-of-the-line models. I'm glad you have the cold-weather
package and ski sack; these are the only options hers is missing.
It isn't too much of a problem, since my 100Q has them, and is a
bigger, more comfortable car. BTW, do the seat heaters actually work?
Most of them die after about 2-3 years.

As for mileage, it is a shame to put so many on, but the car should
last for 200K at least, if you maintain it. That gives you at least
6 years of fun. Dirt roads will be a lot more fun. There's one in
town we take a lot. My friend's Dakota and Cherokee handle it at
about 25, rattling the doors off their hinges. My Audis glide over
it at closer to 60.

Things to look out for: check the seats if heat is really important
to you. The heater comes up quickly, so I don't care. Check the front
suspension, especially tie rod ends and bushings. These seem to wear
out quickly. The new replacements seem better. Also, have them do
the 45K maintenance on it before you buy it.

That's all for now. If I think of something else, I'll let you know.


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