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Re: '90 90Q 20V Questions

Hairy green toads from Mars made Fred Heald say:

> > Also, have them do the 45K maintenance on it before you buy it.
> Does that involve anything really extensive, like timing belt 
> replacement?  Just want to know, since if I'll be down 16500 that day, 
> another grand might be tough to handle.  Based on my limited knowledge, 
> tho, I'd guess just standard stuff (oil/filters, check ignition, maybe 
> check valve clearance, check or repack wheel bearings usw.).

I would tell them to throw it in. See below about warranty coverage
for more information on why they will.

> Oh, one other question, he claimed that the warranty was 
> non-transferrable, I wonder if this is correct.  I'm checking with my 
> local dealer today.  Not a big problem, a warranty usually just 
> specifies, that whatever happens to you is excluded (that was the case 
> with the burnt valve in the Isuzu).

The warranty used to be fully transferable until 36 months/50K miles.
In your case, the car is over 36 months old (isn't it? - the owner's
manual and warranty book in the glove box will say), so there is no
warranty to transfer.

But, used Audis come with the "Audi Advantage" used car warranty.
This is the one your thinking of that excludes anything that happens ;-)
It is a two-tier 12/12K and 24/24K warranty on the car/drivetrain.
Before Audi will write the warranty, they want the car brought up
to speed on maintenance. They will typically replace all the hoses,
belts, some wires, stuff like that. Also, most major systems will
be checked out thoroughly. I think Audi makes the dealers pay for this.
But, in both cases when I bought used, my dealer did it without grumbling.
They may have "missed" a few deatils, but by and large it was OK.


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