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Re: '90 90Q 20V Questions


Thanks for the info.  Much of the information I had when I looked at the 
car was from your experiences discussed in the archives.

On Mon, 24 Oct 1994, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
(in response to my questions)
> bigger, more comfortable car. BTW, do the seat heaters actually work?
> Most of them die after about 2-3 years.
Yes, he demo'd them for me (yow).  The car has spent most of its freezing 
winters in Los Angeles, where 'bitter cold' means you really need to wear 
long pants instead of shorts.

> Things to look out for: check the seats if heat is really important
> to you. The heater comes up quickly, so I don't care.

> Check the front
> suspension, especially tie rod ends and bushings. These seem to wear
> out quickly. The new replacements seem better.
I yanked and shook them when I looked at the car, no movement so check 
(I'll also have the dealer check).

> Also, have them do
> the 45K maintenance on it before you buy it.
Does that involve anything really extensive, like timing belt 
replacement?  Just want to know, since if I'll be down 16500 that day, 
another grand might be tough to handle.  Based on my limited knowledge, 
tho, I'd guess just standard stuff (oil/filters, check ignition, maybe 
check valve clearance, check or repack wheel bearings usw.).

Oh, one other question, he claimed that the warranty was 
non-transferrable, I wonder if this is correct.  I'm checking with my 
local dealer today.  Not a big problem, a warranty usually just 
specifies, that whatever happens to you is excluded (that was the case 
with the burnt valve in the Isuzu).

Thanks again, to you and your cat! 8-}

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