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'90 90Q 20V Questions


Since I've decided to replace my 92 Isuzu Amigo with something that's 
more like a real car, I've been looking around for a 90 Quattro.  I 
happened to find this list at about the same time, and I've been lurking 
around reading all the stuff in the archives.  So, the other night at a 
sushi bar I found a 90Q 20V with a for sale sign in the window!

I test drove the car today, and loved it.  So I just wanted to check here 
and see what y'all think.

It's a 1990 90Q 20V, with 38K miles.  It's been driven in CA and WA, but 
I saw no evidence of rust or salt damage.  It's got the whole package 
that came with the 20V - heated seats, ski bag, extra guages.  Also has 
an airbag, which I guess was optional.  Nice external, a few scratches, 
one headlight glass has rock cracks, the front of the hood has a few tiny 
paint nicks but nothing major.  The tires look fine, Dunlop low profile, 
tho I think I'd like a bit bigger ones when these are ready for 
replacement - how big tires can I put on this car?  With a small 
suspension lift (if such things are possible)?

The guy wants $16,500US, and will let me take it to a mechanic first for a 
compression check, etc.  I think I'll drop by the local dealer, Vasek 
Polak in Torrance (need to make an appointment first I guess).

If I end up buying this car I'll probably put many many miles on it - 
about 25K/year I guess.  And tho I don't plan to take it on the Baja 1000 
(the '65 Rover will be for that), I may burn down some Mojave dirt roads 
in it now and then.

I'm used to 4WD trucks, so this car has a very nice feel to it (see car 
list below).  Do you of markedly more wisdom than I re: Audis think this 
sounds like a good deal?  I might be able to talk the guy down a bit if I 
offer him cash, but I don't have to (I hate doing that just to save a few 

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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