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Re: '90 90Q 20V Questions

> The guy wants $16,500US, and will let me take it to a mechanic first for a 
> compression check, etc.  I think I'll drop by the local dealer, Vasek 
> Polak in Torrance (need to make an appointment first I guess).

A guy here at work is trading in his 1990 (minus the cold weather pack
and leather, black) at the local dealer on a 95 A6Q lease - they are
giving him $12,500 for it.  It has just over 30k and a new tranny
(gunned it on the ice and wrecked the tranny).  It needs a bit of
exterior work (some moldings and stuff) and probably a clutch
(as per the dealer) but I bet I'll see it on the lot for $18k.
Let me know if anyone wants it, it may not be too late - I would love
it but house-buying is keeping my GLI around for another 15k or so,
at least.

Audis seem to take the milage very well - other than my engine tap
noise (pump? I haven't had time to investigate.  Heck, I haven't washed
it in over a month, which is rare for me) it's like new at 82k.

| Dan |
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