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Re: 90 series

>Just wondering, what differences are there between the 94 >90 sport quattro
and the 95 90 sport quattro.  I know body >side moldings match the color of
the car now for '95.  I've >also heard the prices have came down, in Canada
the dealer is >selling for MSRP ~41000 (loaded) for a 94.  Any news on the
>95 prices (MSRP)?
>Jason Filuk

Just talked to Audi-Deutschland today, and although I wasn't asking about it,
they told me that they were reducing the prices on the A4's (Old 80/90's) by
6 to 25 percent compared to last year for the US market in order to sell
them. That's the only info I have, but hopefully whoever is in the market for
a new one will benefit!