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Audi Customer Relations-Misleading Customers

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know the scenario I encountered recently:

After buying my 1990 Coupe Quattro (used) in the winter of 1992/1993, when
spring came around, I realized that the air-conditioning system was not
operating and was still under the 3 year warranty, I took it to Paul Miller
Porsche/Audi/Range Rover in Parsippany, N.J. (which is where I initially
bought it), and their service department (who "sucks" up to you, charges Audi
(USA) an arm and a leg for the service and parts, and does the job
improperly) determined that the car needed an a/c condenser clutch. They
supposedly put it on order, but did not until another visit to the service
dept. 2 weeks later. Then the spring and summer weather hit with a vengance -
90 to 95 degree days with a black exterior/black interior - made the car
undrivable - even with both windows and sunroof open. I then called them, and
they said the part was on back order. Subsequently, I called Audi Customer
Relations and talked to Mike Riskalla there. He said that the part had to be
brought in from a series of warehouses, and that the part should have been
ordered as a "car down part", meaning that it would only take a maximum of 3
days to get to the dealership. Anyway, the end result was that the car had NO
air-conditioning for the whole summer, and could not use the car at all.
After checking with Riskalla on a weekly basis, he stated constantly "if
there is anything I can help you out with in the future, don't hesitate to

So this summer my dealer determined that I needed new brakes and discs when I
went in early for my 60,000 mile service at 54K. They said that I probably
had between 3K and 8K left on the pads, and as I would have to change the
discs anyway, I didn't have to worry about scoring the discs. (The car was
now out of warranty) So I decided to "cash in" my favor with Audi of America
through Riskalla. I gave them a call, and apparently he wasn't working with
Audi anymore, so I talked to a Joseph there, and he took down all the
information I gave him, such as the Riskalla particulars, and that now I had
a problem with the rotors going on me at 54K (while my Chevy Caprice only
goes through them every 90K, and I drive it much harder! Plus, the Audi
suspension can't even compare-in turns and roadholding-with the
heavy-duty/police package). Joseph was extremely polite, asking questions,
typing it into his computer, etc. I also advised him that I was not trying to
get them to pay for the whole brake job, just compensate me somewhat for
parts (maybe parts at cost), and when I talked to  Joseph a week later he
said that he hadn't received a decision by the "higher-ups", so he advised me
to get the job done, and then fax him the bill for it.

I then had the job done using "stock" replacement parts (in order to keep A
of A happy) at Bernardsville Audi (in Bernardsville, N.J.) and would highly
recommend them for any Audi, Porsche work!! I think Zafer has some of his
work done there as well. I faxed them the bill, and checked in with Joseph
about once a week for the next month. He said he had not received any
information, and that I should just wait for some correspondence in the mail.

A letter arrived a few weeks later, and so did my credit card bill! The
letter stated that since the car was out of warranty, Audi of America could
not help with the brake work, etc. and was signed by a Raymond Braun. I then
tried calling Braun, but always got his voice mail, and after waiting on the
line for about 45 minutes one day, I finally got him and stated my position.
He then said that Mike Riskalla did not work with A of A anymore, and that he
was working with VW of America, so he could not verify Riskalla's
promise/statement to me. I asked him to call Riskalla, but at first he did
express some discontent about doing so. He finally agreed to do it, and as I
did not hear from him for two weeks, I decided to follow up AGAIN.

Today I finally got ahold of him, and he stated he talked to Riskalla, who
was now being forced out of VW of A, (apparently, according to Braun, who
isn't very pleasant) and that Riskalla could not remember what he said to me!
So now I am left with a car with 4 bolt discs when I really wanted to convert
to a 5 bolt (S2) design braking system.

I really think that Audi of America (specifically Customer Relations) should
really be more explicit about what they mean on the phone, and although other
people have had good experiences with them in the past outside of the
warranty period, I just wanted everyone to be more careful of the people/reps
there now in Auburn Hills! 

Sorry about the long post!


PS: If anybody has any ideas of what I should do now in regards to this,
please advise me. Thanks!