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Re: Audi Customer Relations-Misleading Customers

> Hi everyone!
> Just wanted to let everyone know the scenario I encountered recently:
> After buying my 1990 Coupe Quattro (used) in the winter of 1992/1993, when
> spring came around, I realized that the air-conditioning system was not
> operating and was still under the 3 year warranty, I took it to Paul Miller
> Porsche/Audi/Range Rover in Parsippany, N.J. (which is where I initially
> bought it), and their service department (who "sucks" up to you, charges Audi
> (USA) an arm and a leg for the service and parts, and does the job
> improperly) determined that the car needed an a/c condenser clutch. They
> supposedly put it on order, but did not until another visit to the service
> dept. 2 weeks later. Then the spring and summer weather hit with a vengance -
> 90 to 95 degree days with a black exterior/black interior - made the car
> undrivable - even with both windows and sunroof open. I then called them, and
> they said the part was on back order. Subsequently, I called Audi Customer

Much deleted here
> So this summer my dealer determined that I needed new brakes and discs when I
> went in early for my 60,000 mile service at 54K. They said that I probably
> had between 3K and 8K left on the pads, and as I would have to change the
> discs anyway, I didn't have to worry about scoring the discs. (The car was
> now out of warranty) So I decided to "cash in" my favor with Audi of America

More deleted here 

> a problem with the rotors going on me at 54K (while my Chevy Caprice only
> goes through them every 90K, and I drive it much harder! Plus, the Audi
> suspension can't even compare-in turns and roadholding-with the
> heavy-duty/police package). Joseph was extremely polite, asking questions,

> I then had the job done using "stock" replacement parts (in order to keep A
> of A happy) at Bernardsville Audi (in Bernardsville, N.J.) and would highly
> recommend them for any Audi, Porsche work!! I think Zafer has some of his
> work done there as well. I faxed them the bill, and checked in with Joseph
> about once a week for the next month. He said he had not received any
> information, and that I should just wait for some correspondence in the mail.
> So now I am left with a car with 4 bolt discs when I really wanted to convert
> to a 5 bolt (S2) design braking system.
> I really think that Audi of America (specifically Customer Relations) should
> really be more explicit about what they mean on the phone, and although other
> people have had good experiences with them in the past outside of the
> warranty period, I just wanted everyone to be more careful of the people/reps
> there now in Auburn Hills! 

> PS: If anybody has any ideas of what I should do now in regards to this,
> please advise me. Thanks!
A Caprice / Quattro comparison, please.

Advice?  Sure  Sell what appears to simply be a status symbol of yours,
and buy another Caprice.  Heck, splurge,  buy an Impala SS.

If you haven't driven a quattro sideways down a snowy street, or 
driven the unplowed right lane on an otherwise bumper to bumper road,
you haven't driven it REALLY.

PS.    Never trust a dealership exclusively.  No I don't work at an independant
repair shop.  I don't even work on cars except those of mine, my family, and
some times my friends.   Enjoy.....