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Re: Audi Customer Relations-Misleading Customers

rwcohn@chinet.chinet.com (Robert W. Cohn) replies:

>A Caprice / Quattro comparison, please.

What's wrong with that? They are both automobiles, and for that matter, in
the snow, the Caprice with Positraction (smaller engine V-6 4.3L with help
from GT+4's) and driven correctly can handle *almost* (I stress almost, as I
don't want to get into tangential thread on this subject) as well as a
all-wheel drive vehicle. Never got stuck in the heavy New Jersey snowfall
last winter, and I logged almost 9,500 miles during that period. The car went
up iced, inclined highways when other front-wheel drives couldn't!

As far as handling in turns, points go to the Caprice until I get the Coupe's
suspension upgraded. (Scary body-roll).

>Advice?  Sure  Sell what appears to simply be a status >symbol of yours, and
buy another Caprice.  Heck, splurge,  buy >an Impala SS.

Audi? A status symbol? Only to Americans! In Europe they are only looked upon
as a notch up on VW, and nowhere in the league of BMW and Mercedes. I will
start rambling in German, but that might offend people, so I won't even
ramble in English!

The Impala SS is a mutant...maybe if you want to appear as gaudy as possible,
you would drive that car...I prefer to remain low-key - no chrome wheelwell
trim on my Audi, no chromium-plated alloy wheels, just stock.

>If you haven't driven a quattro sideways down a snowy street, >or driven the
unplowed right lane on an otherwise bumper to >bumper road, you haven't
driven it REALLY.

I have been impressed by the car on snowy roads...one night I was able to do
just above 55 while Lexus SC 300's were spinning around in front of me and
ending up in the median ditch - it was a RUSH...

>PS.    Never trust a dealership exclusively.  <snip>

Don't even trust Audi (U.S.A.; in Germany it's totally different) - that's
what I've learned!

Robert, thanks for your opinion, and I do enjoy the car, but it needs a lot
of work put into it, and I intend to have it done once I garner the $$.