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Re: Audi Customer Relations-Misleading Customers

FFASANO@VASALES.LEGENT.COM (Franklin Fasano) responded:

Nivi>> Audi? A status symbol? Only to Americans! In Europe Nivi >>they are
only looked 
Nivi>>upon as a notch up on VW, and nowhere in the league of Nivi>>BMW and

>Hmm, a German friend of mine from college disagrees with >this.  He seems to

>think it's just us stupid Americans who don't respect the Audi >name.
>Of course, he claims status in Germany is judged by how fast >you get out of

>the way when you see them in your rearview mirror.

Precisely. In Europe most car manufacturers, Audi included, provide such a
wide range of engines, suspensions, wheels, tires, etc. for one model line,
that the model  ranges from an affordable economy car to a very capable
sports car, so one does not distinguish luxury by model type. (eg. 80/90/S2
or 100/200/S4, with many optional engines within most of these designations).
But BMW and Mercedes are predominantly the more expensive cars, and that's
why I provided them as an example.

>Incidentally, on the topic of customer relations,  I have been >treated 
>extremly well by my local dealer.

> -Frank

I have been treated extremely well by my dealer too, and as author of the
message you were commenting on, it was a subsequent message to one that I had
written earlier. :-)