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1990 Q Coupe radio

dlawson@ball.com (Dave Lawson) wrote:

:Hi Rob,
:>Also, I've just transplanted a perfectly good Sony stereo from my Scirocco
:>this Coupe. Reception is very poor on FM and AM is non-existent. This is 
:>not a
:>problem with the radio. I've noticed that the rear-mounted antenna on the
:>is pretty short. I've also noticed that virtually all other Coupes I see 
:>an aftermarket antenna. Is this a known bug?
:Not sure about the real early coupes, but on my 86 GT the rear antenna is 
:electrically amplified. It is pretty short. but when hooked properly I have 
:never had a problem with reception. This was one of the first questions I 
:had when I bought the car. The window sticker mentioned an electric antenna,

:but it didn't go up and down. I quickly learned its not electric in the 
:up/down sense, but has an electric amplifier in the base of the antenna.
: -
:Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com

I just wanted to add my experience (or $ 0.02)...my 1990 Coupe Q has the
exact problem - no AM reception to speak of, and marginal FM.

The stock antenna Audi installed is a Fuba - I think it's the same as the
Corrado, Golf ///, and Passat. Bentley shows a electronic signal amplifier
mounted in the rear C-pillar area (?...correct me if I'm wrong) on the left
side as you are facing the rear-end of the car. In European Car I saw an
advert (Rapid Parts) for a combination cellular phone/FM/AM Fuba antenna that
looks like the stock one. Haven't tested it, but it useful if you want to
conceal the fact that you have a cellphone. It probably doesn't operate as
well as a dedicated FM antenna, but one never knows nowadays! It could work

BTW, has anybody replaced the stock radio? According to the thread, they
stated it was an active system, so what does one do to upgrade?

Thanks in advance,