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Re: Bridgestone tires

Heidi:  hhudson@rimail.interlan.com asks:
>Has anyone has experience with the Bridgestone RE900s - >good or bad?  
>I am replacing a set of Goodyear Eagle GT+4s.  I want >something that 
>will handle well in wet weather.
>Someone on the list had recommended Bridgestone RE71s >(Vrated), but the
shop I called recommended the RE900s (T >rated) instead.
> Heidi

Hi Heidi!

For everyday, all-round driving in different weather conditions, I swear by
GT+4's (although Goodyear is trying to phase them out gradually, and actually
recommended that I start replacing them with GA's - NO WAY!). 

I would also go with HR's...minimum - forget the T's unless you don't want
economy tires. Although I haven't tried out any performance tires recently,
you might want to. Tire Rack seems to give out good advice, and if you want
to contact them, their number is: 1-800-428-8355.

Good luck!