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Q Coupe Suspension

Dear Alex,

I noticed the post on the Audi 90 test drive and I was just wondering which
spring/shock combination you put on your coupe, and how much did it lower the
chassis? Most of the aftermarket packages lower the car about 1.5 inches and
John Beckius at Sportwheels is the only one that has a Bilstein/Koni package
that only lowers the chassis .75 inches. What about clearance considerations?
Eg: road debris, large potholes, etc. 

Also, If anyone else has redone their quattro coupe suspension, could you
post your experiences?

The Q Coupe (1990) bumpers tend to be about 2-3 inches lower than the 90 Q
sedans (visual comparison with a 1993-94 model sedan) with the stock
springs/shocks on both cars.

According to Bentley, (88-01) the coupe has 5.4 inches/13,8 cm of clearance
stock, and the 80/90 sedans have less - 5.0 inches/12,7 cm of
clearance...kind of weird, don't you think?

TIA :)