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The following was reported on page 3 of the October 17 1994 AUTOWEEK:
"Audi's Duty.  Saying that value must become part of the purchase equation,
Audi of America vice president Gerd Klauss announced a major restructuring 
of the company's pricing strategy, including lowering of stickers by an
average of 11 percent.  The biggest change is uncoupling the four wheel
drive Quattro system from expensive option packages that often made those
models $6000-$9000 more expensive than two wheel drive versions.
  "Instead, Quattro will be offered as a $1500 stand-alone option across
the board.  Audi prices will start at $25,670 for a two wheel drive 90
(a decrease of $2150) to $45,270 for the S6 (a decrease of $3800 from
a comparably equipped S4).
  " The biggest price reductions are in the 100 range, now called A6.  
Base A6 models start at $30,600, a price cut of some $4520, while the
top-line A6 Quattro wagon is $37750, a drop of $9270.  
  "Klauss expects the price reductions to help boost Audi's 14,000 annual
US sales to about 20,000 cars per year."
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