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RE: exhaust manifolds

Hi Dan,

I recently learned about the 2 piece exhaust manifold while talking with 
John Bekius and Mike Galiwas at the Brainerd quattro club event. Mike is a 
Porsche/Audi mechanic from PA. He has placed this exhaust manifold on an 83 
TQC which he works on and was at Brainerd. I seem to remember it being 2 
pieces which is split between cylinders 2 and 3(or maybe its 3 and 4). At 
this point there is an accordian section piece which allows expansion and 
contraction of the exhaust manifold pieces. I seem to remember a price 
mentioned of around $2500 for this manifold. Yikes!

As for replacement exhaust manifolds, there was an article the UK magazine 
"VW/Audi Car" which showed the creation of a custom stainless steel exhaust 
manifold for TQCs and they are available for purchase. I can't find the ad 
for the company which is making them right now, but will look it up in the 
old issue and post it along with the price they posted.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com