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RE: relay/solenoid noise?

Hi Rob,

>Also, I've just transplanted a perfectly good Sony stereo from my Scirocco
>this Coupe. Reception is very poor on FM and AM is non-existent. This is 
not a
>problem with the radio. I've noticed that the rear-mounted antenna on the
>is pretty short. I've also noticed that virtually all other Coupes I see 
>an aftermarket antenna. Is this a known bug?

Not sure about the real early coupes, but on my 86 GT the rear antenna is 
electrically amplified. It is pretty short. but when hooked properly I have 
never had a problem with reception. This was one of the first questions I 
had when I bought the car. The window sticker mentioned an electric antenna, 
but it didn't go up and down. I quickly learned its not electric in the 
up/down sense, but has an electric amplifier in the base of the antenna.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com