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Re: final note about porsche discussion

>that this month's performance car magazine has a wonderful comparison
>test between the new C4 and the audi RS2 (315 bhp) wagon..  the RS2
>in particular sounds really mouth watering but we will not see it
>here because of those silly concrete wall crash tests which the RS2
>will not pass.
They really do make a nice couple.  The perfect way to fill our one's garage.

If you really want an RS2, you could try your local Audi dealer. A
Salesperson I talked to at Prestige in Lakewood thought one could be brought
in for around $80,000 (federalized).  I suspect though you would have to
have someone really connected with VAG (Frank Bedor) to pull it off.  Of
course if enough of us on the list put in our orders they could't ignore us
either, could they?  Lets see 29, 39, yep Ive got 44 cents right here - :-)


Bruce Bell  bbell@csn.org