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Re: Brainerd Quattro Club event report

Great report Dave!!!

>I quickly learned that Brainerd Raceway is a real racetrack. I had only 
>driven on a local road coarse in Colorado, and Brainerd is the real thing. 
>The track is 3 miles long and there are 10 turns on the coarse, some big and 
>Others were routinely entering this corner at 125 and above. It really takes 
>some practice to enter a corner at this speed without braking and to stay on 
>the gas. You really have to trust yourself and your car.

Yea I think some of the fastest speeds at Second creek were about 90mph with
Neds turbo lounge chair and the Rx7. My 4000q posted respectable times at
Second Creek when compared to the TCQ's but that's attributable to the
tightness of the course.  Brainard is a different world.  

> - I met two owners of turbcharged 4000 quattros, one performed the 
>conversion himself, the other was imported from Germany and was converted by 
>the factory

More on these please?

> - I had a very long discussion with Ned Ritchey of Intended Acceleration and 
>one of the topics was Superchips. If anyone is interested, I can post some 
>of Neds thoughts.

Talk or we won't let dog out of Steve Bedors car :-)

>Sorry for the long report, but it sure was fun. If you can make an event, go 

Nope, it was great.

>for it. The first event next year will be the ice driving school in 
>Steamboat Springs, Colorado some time in February. Mark your calenders.

Yes... go to Steamboat - Those whom I talked with who were there last year
had a great time.  Concensus for tires (sample of 3-4 participants) to use
at that event is the Bridgestone Blizzacks.

> -
>Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com

Bruce Bell  bbell@csn.org