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Re: 4-cylinder engine

>> I need some feedback on the (perceived) durability of the 4-cylinder Audi
>> engines. A good friend of mine is considering buying an 88 Audi 80. The car
>> is in as good shape as they come, regularly maintained, and running strong.
>> The catch is that it has 107 thousand (California freeway) miles. I inspected
>What you have is a VW motor.  Parts are less expensive, but the car will be 
>under-powered.  Don't be bashful, pull the spark plugs and inspect them.

What we all have are VW motors!

For example the 2.2 5cycl shares rods, pistons, rings, valves, lifters rod
bearings and a lot more with the 1.78 VW Gl engine with the same compression
ratio.  Our 5's have a longer block to make room for the extra hole and
bigger crank journals due to the longer crank.  Yes I know some of the
accessories distributer etc. are driven from the cam instead of the
intermediate shaft, but for *most* purposes the engines can be thought of as
the same.

Also, the 4 cycl in the '88 Audi 80 is (I think...) the 2.0 liter 8 valve as
used in the GTI/GLI VW's and produced more (as much?) power as the 115 hp 5
in my quattro. 

Bottom line is; they are great motors!!!!! 

Bruce Bell  bbell@csn.org