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Re: Hydraulic pumps

>      I am faced with a replacement of the hydraulic pump in my
>      '90 100.  I heard somewhere that most recently rebuilt ZF pumps 
>      have major design changes improving longetivity.  Is this
>      true?
>      The lowest price I was able to find was $ 225 from MAAS Auto
>      Parts (I will have to return the old core).  The part number
>      they gave me is 034 145 155 DX, and they claim theirs is the
>      latest style pump.  When I called Shokan, they gave a different
>      part number (8601 955 114W), which they claim is the actual ZF
>      part number.  Their pump is $240.
>      Could someone please enlighten me as what I should look for in a 
>      replacement pump, or which vendor is best to deal with for this?

I am planning to replace the hydraulic pump in my 87 5000 TQ as well.
The slow fluid leak is getting worse now. I am interested in any info
as well. PAP (800-944-2964) has a special sale (till Oct 31) on 84-88 5000
remanufactured hydraulic pumps for $179.95. The part number listed is
034 145 155 X 88. Don't know if it'll fit an '90 100 or if it is the new
design. May be you can call and ask. My local Audi dealer has the pump
for $301 and claims its the new design and comes with a 1 year warranty.