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Re: Hydraulic pumps

> The real bad news was that when I took off the noisy pump, it was full of
> tiny metal pieces (surprise, I wonder where the noise was coming from), so I
> bought a new filter, flushed the system twice, and am holding my fingers
> crossed that the rack didn't go while it had the metal junk coming through it
> at 200 bars.
> 	Jakov

	Is the filter you are refering to the one in the reservoir? Or is
there another one? The plastic filter in the reservoir has a couple of
vertical slits along its length which seem to defeat the purpose. I couldn't
figure out how this could possibly trap anything reliably.

Also, how do you flush the system? When I replaced the pressure accumulator,
I drained the reservoir and filled it with new fluid. Is there a procedure
for getting all the old fluid out of the rack and the pump?


87 5000 CS TQ