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Re: Hydraulic pumps

> Yesterday I was talking to one of the parents helping me coach our
> second grade soccer team, and he told me a recent story of how he had
> helped recommend a LOCKTITE product that helped seal up potential
> power steering pump leaks. The story ended with the design engineers
> rejecting this solution because it had come from outside the company....
> [snip]
> Hopefully he will be over tomorrow evening to look at "Bentley", and
> he felt that anyone good with his hands, with a reasonable understanding
> of how seals work, could probably use a factory kit ( I told him about
> the factory kit for $40 or so ), with some sealant help, and get the
> pump fixed. His point was that they seem to have no problem doing it
> correctly at the factory.

PAP has two hydraulic pump repair kits on sale until 10/31:

part number		description				list	sale

026 198 049 B 		seal kit, power steering pump		$28.30	$9.95
			Audi 5000 84 on, 100/200/V8/all

026 198 049 KIT		seal kit, power steering pump		$39.95	$14.95
			complete with bearings, Audi 5000
			84 on, 100/200/V8/all

I have considered rebuilding the pump myself before. Doesn't seem too
difficult looking at Bentley. But I have read here and been told by my
trusted mechanic at the Audi dealer that rebuilding the pump is usually
not very successful unless done by the manufacturer or professional
rebuilders who do it all the time. If the rebuilding is not done right,
the leaks start up again, especially considering the high pressures
it is operating under. I have successfully rebuilt a GM (Cadillac)
PS pump but I think the Audi pump is a very different beast altogether.

Let us know how you make out if you attempt it.