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Re: Hydraulic pumps

Hi Jakov,

I'm not sure the pump (although it is leaking) is the root problem.  Here's
why.  We put in probably a pump a week for customers over the last two
years, no problems (one clogged screen early on that had the paint on the
new pump blistering..oops) and then one leaked..at the banjo fitting for
the accumulator hose.  Not possible, we thought.  Another pump, new bolt,
three sets of copper o-rings, very bright light & close examination...it
still leaked.  Major bummer, but we finally realized that there's a damper
mechanism in the front line off the pump (viz connection about 8 in from
banjo fitting) and it was partly clogged.  Cleaned the damper & voila! no
more leak.  Live & learn.  Made us wish we'd paid closer attention to the
lecture on cleanliness that comes in the pump boxes.
        ned bennett