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Re: Hydraulic pumps

>From: mspivak@hyperdesk.com (Spivak, Marat)
>  I am faced with a replacement of the hydraulic pump in my
>     '90 100.

I have been gathering up the courage to replace the pump in our
86 5000, and since the leak has not got any worse, I hav'nt
been forced to.....

Yesterday I was talking to one of the parents helping me coach our
second grade soccer team, and he told me a recent story of how he had
helped recommend a LOCKTITE product that helped seal up potential
power steering pump leaks. The story ended with the design engineers
rejecting this solution because it had come from outside the company....

I suspect what he told me was confidential, so all I can tell you is that
he is the product sales manager for one of the "big three" in Detroit.

I promptly showed him my leak, and he told me he needed to see a detailed
view of how the pump went together before he could recommend the correct sealant, and felt that a good "exploded view" would be sufficient.

Hopefully he will be over tomorrow evening to look at "Bentley", and
he felt that anyone good with his hands, with a reasonable understanding
of how seals work, could probably use a factory kit ( I told him about
the factory kit for $40 or so ), with some sealant help, and get the
pump fixed. His point was that they seem to have no problem doing it
correctly at the factory.

Based on his recommendations Friday, I will/(will not) order the repair 
kit ( see Bentley for the part number ). I am loosing a pint about every
six months, the last tin can has been around over a year.

Alan Cordeiro
86 5000 TQ