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Re: 5000 sunroof blues

>The sunroof on my '85 5000 is blitzed too. Actually>
>i got the car like this. When i operate it, it ind >of>
>moves up a few inches and stops. Also, when i try to retract
>it, it doesnt close completely and i have to then try
>and force it by hand !!

>Ernest, if you fix it, let me know how.


Just a few words of on my limited experience.

About two years ago I repaired the sunrooof on my 86 5000TQ by purchasing
the guts (from SHOKAN) off an '88 5000. I believe the cost was about $120.
I have had no problems since then.

The Bentley manual is surprisingly ( proves by the exception ) helpful
with quite a few drawings and pictures, do not attempt it without the

As "Mr." Ned Bennet explains, the sunroof can be fixed by a good
shade-tree mechanic. 
( Ned, try and drop the "MR" from your "From" line in your outgoing 
mail  i.e. From: TACE96A@prodigy.com  (MR NED BENNETT) ).

To get a lasting solution, the SLIDER pieces, as well as the parts that
mate with them, have to be replaced on both sides. Left side to Right side
alignment is quite easy, and about 20 to 30 minutes of fussing with
the OPEN/CLOSE position alignment will probably be all that is needed if
you tear the whole ting apart and re-assemble it. The original AUDI
repair kit includes new cables if I remember right. The number for the
kit is given in Bentley.

I suspect I still have the original cables somewhere in my garage, in fact
if someone wishes to just replace their driver's side bracket. I might still
have the one that came off mine, could be a quick ( not long lasting ) 
fix for someone that has just this part broken.

Alan Cordeiro
'86 5000TQ