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Re: Brake question...

>Want to put new pads on my 90Q, and was wondering if anyone knew what size
>hex wrench I will need to retract the piston?


It has been quite a while since I bought the "tool", but I vaguely
remember that it was the same size used for GM caliper brakes, and
the tool was described as a hex tool for GM calipers when I bought it.

I may be way off, I think it is a 10mm, but ask your favourite
auto tools outlet for the one that works on GM calipers.

If you are careful, the old vice-grips will do in a pinch. Put a bit
of vinyl tape inside the jaws.

By the way, if your system is anything like the '86 5000Q. you will need another hex tool to get the bolts that hold the caliper base, if you want
to remove the rotor. This is probably an 8mm hex. Again, I have this tool 
in my toolbox at home...

Alan Cordeiro