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re: 5000 sunroof blues


My 9/85 (86) 5000CS Turbo just suffered the same mishap with a broken 
lifting bracket for the sunroof. I was quoted around $55 by the dealer for 
each bracket and my car requires that both brackets be replaced. The labor 
must not be too much if they will do the whole thing for $165. 
Does anyone have any other outlet for the sunroof parts?

esw5@postoffice2.mail.cornell.edu (Ernest Wong) Wrote:
| Hi,
| I've finally joined the fraternity of kaputt 5000 sunroof 
| sufferers. The
| dealer verified it was a broken lifter bracket. The quote was 
| $165.
| Has anyone done this repair and is willing to share any 
| secrets to
| replacing the bracket? Dealer quote sheet lists a lifter 
| bracket kit. Is
| the repair kit from Audi just for the broken bracket or do 
| they send 2 of
| the 'beefed up' brackets for replacement. I'm curious because 
| the other
| bracket will break too since it is of the old design.
| sunroofless (and it is really nice fall weather for using 
| sunroof. :-( )
| Thanks for any help.
| Ernest Wong
| esw5@cornell.edu