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re: 3 or 4pin sensor....


If memory serves me the 4th pin that was 
eliminated was the +12V supply for the old type 
sensor that had active circuit components. The old sensor has a ceramic 
hybrid circuit inside with op amps, transistors, caps and resistors 
galore. The thermal cycling from the engine tends to kill this thing 
over time. My quess is that the manufacturer (VDO) made the temp sensor 
simpler and just a passive resistive network like the majority of auto 
manufacturers use. It will likely last longer (I 

mlr%critter@Relay.CV.COM (Mike LaRosa) Wrote: 
| Hi Guys(and a few women I think ;),
| Got a another question.....Linda at Carlsen shipped a 3 pin 
| Thermal switch
| sensor thingamajig that goes under the top radiator hose.  
| The current
| switch has 4 pins.  Linda say's the fourth pin doesn't do 
| anything.  What
| do the Audi Guru's think ?  Unfortunetly I am still to cheap 
| to buy
| the bently manual, which in this case I think probably 
| wouldn't help
| anyway....
| So, 3 or 4 pin sensor?
| ----------------------------------------------------------