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Re: Re[2]: Audi Price Cuts

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Fri Oct 14 17:14:10 1994
> From: DAD@roadnet.ups.com (DAD)
> So what does CR know about ergonomics?  They prefer knobs on the ends of 
> stalks (what's the point of fingertip reach if you have to use your whole 
> hand to turn a knob?) and (adamantly) horn buttons in the center of the 
> wheel (where you have to take your hand off the wheel - presumably in an 
> emergency situation - and contribute to the statistic *they* quoted that 
> noted an increase in hand/wrist injuries due to the airbag deploying while 
> someone was blowing the horn).  I have to stop reading their car reviews -- 
> I don't learn anything and I just get ticked off!

Yes, they do have their lapses of logic, don't they!

> Basically, it seems that to CR, Toyota == Good and Camry == Best.  I 
> actually saw them pick the Camry in their "Recommendations" when it wasn't 
> one of the tested cars!

Yes, they were recommending the Camry as preferable to almost anything
with four wheels.  I finally had to drive one, so I chose a top-of-the
line V6 XLE.  I was very disappointed, especially with the ride, which
was extremely coarse and noisy over concrete roads, especially compared
to my 100CS.  There's also no getting around that the interior was
designed when it was a $14,000 car, except the one I drove stickered
for $28,000.  I think CU tested both the 4-cyl LE and the 6-cyl XLE and
did a "greatest-of" on each category.  The LE with the 70-series tyres
probably had a better ride.

> Sorry for the outburst.  Hope I didn't offend any loyal subscribers -- I 
> didn't intend to.

I'm sure this is a fairly safe place for such discussion.  However, as
Eliot can vouch, don't try this over on rec.autos--it's about as
welcome as a condom dispenser in a Vatican restroom.

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