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Re: 4-cylinder engine

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> >I need some feedback on the (perceived) durability of the 4-cylinder Audi
> engines. 
> Here's another datapoint.  A past colleague had a scirrocco as his foul weather 
> car.  At 155,000 he removed the head (don't remember why) and said that the 
> cross hatching on the cylinder walls was distinct and fresh, looking for all 
> the world like it just came out of the factory.
> I think VW/AUdi builds the 4s and 5s to similar quality standards.
Definitely, considering the five was derived from the four...of course,
so was the V8, from which the V6 was obtained.  The four's block dates
back 20 years to the VW Dasher/Audi Fox days, so one could say that the
bugs have been worked out by now.  There was an article on the 20th
anniversary of the Golf in auto, motor, sport, which gave the number of
these engines build, and it was many million.  They also had some
letters from people with phenomenal mileage on them as well.

My old college roommate put 240,000 miles on his '75 Scirocco, and my
girlfriend's brother put 235,000 miles on a '76.  The killer is that my
roommate actually sold the car for $800.  "Well, there was nothing
wrong with it--just high mileage!".

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