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Re: Re[2]: Bridgestone tires

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Wed Oct 19 09:14:10 1994
> Date: Wed, 19 Oct 94 08:21:39 EST
> From: hhudson@rimail.interlan.com (HUDSON, HEIDI)
> Subject: Re: Bridgestone tires
> Author:  quattro@swiss.ans.net at SMTPLINK
> Date:    10/18/94 11:23 AM
> Unfortunately, the RE900s are rated only B temperature.  
> >Can you explain what that rating means?  I've only seen the speed ratings.

I wonder how the subject of B-rated tyres even came up!  With only a B
temperature rating the tyre will be stressed at highway speeds.  I also
question why anyone would recommend mid-to-low range Bridgestones; from
what I've seen in the tyre tests recently, Bridgestone makes an
excellent top-of-the line product, but all their mass-market and
low-end models are mediocre at best.  If one lusts for a Japanese-made
tyre, then look at Dunlops--their current range is comprises the best
in every class, according to auto, motor, und sport, and their D8M2 is
the OEM tyre of choice for autobahn-going Audis and Mercedes.

I also question the recommendation of Comp T/As, as these are a very
dated design.  Tyres have improved dramatically in the three
generations since these hit the market, and they've been
cellar-dwellers in any tests I've seen.  They're not even sold in
Germany, much less approved for use on any cars there.  (For TUEV
approval, the cars must be fitted with tyres approved by the
manufacturer for that car.)

For an Audi 90S, I'd go with the OEM Eagle GAs, these have excellent
turn-in, and are sticky wet or dry, if not fantastic in the snow.  But
compared to a serious performance tyre like the Dunlop SP 8000 or
D40M2, one gives up a little dry traction but gains a lot in quietness
and in snow (the latter being utter washouts).  The GAs are also not
very expensive at the Tire Rack. ($80-90)

Sure, you can buy cheaper, but like Mercedes states in their ads:
"You wouldn't buy a cheap parachute" (or would you?)

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