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Re: Audi Price Cuts

In a previous message,Barton P. Chambers writes:
>Hmmmm, somehow, to my taste, the idea of choosing an automobile on the basis
>of how it will *survive* a crash misses the point by a pretty wide margin 
>(I *did* say that with a smile on my face, pardner).  I'm just an ol' country
>boy, but it seems to me that the ability ot *avoid* an accident is a hell
>of a lot more attractive, than the (theoretical) ability to *survive* one.

While I wouldn't consciously choose a car based on this, I am certainly
interested in it.  I have this morbid habit of REALLY checking out wrecks that
involve the same model car as mine.  Of my past cars, I've seen the aftermath
of 2 head on collisions involving the same model as I currently owned.  Both
faired well.

I think the scariest cars are the boy-racer camaros, firebirds, trans-ams,
etc....all cars built to go fast, but can't handle the speed that well.  Very
unforgiving cars and don't survive wrecks very well either. (YMMV)

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