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Re: Audi Price Cuts

   > One other point I think someone brought up is "safety". I've only anec-

   Hmmmm, somehow, to my taste, the idea of choosing an automobile on the basis
   of how it will *survive* a crash misses the point by a pretty wide margin 
   (I *did* say that with a smile on my face, pardner).  I'm just an ol' country
   boy, but it seems to me that the ability ot *avoid* an accident is a hell
   of a lot more attractive, than the (theoretical) ability to *survive* one.

Granted (that's but one reason why I really liked my Lotus), but you gotta
realize that there are times when -- through no particular fault of your own
other than existing -- "they"'re gonna nail ya (like stopping while crossing
a divided 4-lane speedway, er, street, just past the crest of the hill, in
a dark gray car, just after dusk...)

Just 'cuz I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me!