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Tip for hyd. clutch bleed

-- How to bleed the hydraulic circuit for your clutch --

This weekend I changed the brake fluid on my 86 5000S. It was, I think, a bit 
of unbridled enthusiasm with the right front brake that led to drawing the 
reservoir down below the hose level for the clutch circuit.

You know you are in trouble when the clutch pedal lays forlornly on the 
firewall :-)  Anyway, both Bentley and the impotent Haynes state that the 
clutch circuit cannot be bled by ordinary means, and I can tell you from 
personal experience that they are right.  A vacuum pump applied to the bleed 
screw (a mighty-vac) also does not do the trick, presumably because too much 
air leaks in between the slave cylinder and the bleed screw threads.  Both 
books recommend pressure bleeding, but a mechanic told me a much better way.  
You can bleed the damn thing in less than 5 minutes, and all you need are the 
wrench, about a meter of hose, and a jar!

Fit the hose over the bleed screw (it must be snug) and run it into the jar.  
Place the jar on the cowl (on top of the huge "Audi" logo).  It must be higher 
than the reservoir.  Pour a little fluid into the jar and make sure there is 
plenty in the reservoir.  Crack open the bleed screw, and slowly (with your 
hand), pump the clutch pedal through its full range of motion.  You are done 
when the hose is full of fluid and no more bubbles come out.  Close the bleed 
screw, test the pedal, and clean up.  It worked like a champ for me.


Jason Douglas
86 5000S