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Steering Wheel Shimmy

Happy Monday!

I'll start the week out with a new question for the list.  I recently
replaced the front brakes and rotated the tires on my '89 200T (not a
quattro).  This introduced a slight, but annoying, shimmy into the
steering wheel whenever the car goes over any bump in the road.  The
rotors are new and the brakes are strong and silent, and there is no
shimmy when braking, so I don't think the brakes are at fault.  It 
could be an out-of-round tire, but they were fine before I rotated them,
so this seems unlikely also.

Audi recommends replacing the front control arm bushings every 40K miles.
I'm not the first owner of the car, but I'd bet this hasn't been done.
(The car has 76K miles.)  Does this sound like a likely cause?  Has
anyone ever replaced these bushings?  I'd appreciate your experiences
with the repair.  Hopefully these bushings are easier to obtain than
the rear ones you quattro folks are always talking about.  (Wish I had
a quattro myself, but you've gotta start somewhere!)  

Thanks in advance for your help.  Incidentally, I've already checked the
adjusting bolt on the steering rack and it is quite tight, so the
problem is hopefully not in the rack.

Take care,
Mike Rottenborn