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Re: Steering Wheel Shimmy

>Happy Monday!
>I'll start the week out with a new question for the list.  I recently
>replaced the front brakes and rotated the tires on my '89 200T (not a
>quattro).  This introduced a slight, but annoying, shimmy into the
>steering wheel whenever the car goes over any bump in the road.  The
>rotors are new and the brakes are strong and silent, and there is no
>shimmy when braking, so I don't think the brakes are at fault.  It 
>could be an out-of-round tire, but they were fine before I rotated them,
>so this seems unlikely also.
>Take care,
>Mike Rottenborn
As a quick check have you considered rotating the tires back to
original config and test driving?  That might answer your out of
round question.

good luck

jim h