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Re: Bridgestone tires

>     Has anyone has experience with the Bridgestone RE900s - good or bad?  
>     I am replacing a set of Goodyear Eagle GT+4s.  I want something that 
>     will handle well in wet weather.
>     Someone on the list had recommended Bridgestone RE71s (Vrated), but 
>     the shop I called recommended the RE900s (T rated) instead.
>     TIA
>     Heidi
>     hhudson@rimail.interlan.com
Hi Heidi

I'm not a big eagle gt fan myself.  On what car are these going on?
Bob Myers and I just purchased the RE71V for our 200Qs . They're
a blast, Tire Rack was running a great special and the performance
upgrade was noticeable immediately.  But . . . these tires fall into the
ultra-performance category and will wear out faster - twice as fast as 
RE900 (UTQG 160AA vs 320AB) Unfortunately, the RE900s are rated only 
B temperature.  Perhaps a set of BF Goodrich Comp T/As (H or V)
would be an excellent choice (lots of good reviews here on this mailing
list).  Try Tire Rack and see if they're running any specials.

good luck

jim h