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Re: Re[2]: Bridgestone tires

>Subject: Re: Bridgestone tires
>Author:  quattro@swiss.ans.net at SMTPLINK
>Date:    10/18/94 11:23 AM
>Hi Jim-
>Thanks for the response.  
>On what car are these going on? 
>>The tires are for my 90Q.
For the 90 class the H rated is probably fine
>Unfortunately, the RE900s are rated only B temperature.  
>>Can you explain what that rating means?  I've only seen the speed ratings.
On each tire is a rating for treadwear (#>100 usually) , Traction (letter A-C)
and Temperature (lettter A-C).  The minimum federal standards are equivalent
to a C rating. B is better and A is best.

Why do you need the A temp, well, if the tire is underinflated (as most
tires become at some point ) or if you are close to or exceeding the load 
of the tire (usually rated as a 2 digit number like 88 or 91) the tire heats 
up higher
than normal and the tire ages faster.  Plus if the tire is already stressed past
optimal and you need to make a panic stop or maneuver, your tires are at a 
greater risk for blowout.  Ultimately it's a peace of mind type of decision.
If I had my choice between two tires rated 320 AB or 280 AA I'd probably go
with the AA.

Try calling a bunch of discount places.  I've had tire salesmen at WalMart 
try to sell me the 15" Comp T/As (H) for $80 a piece installed.  You never
know who is willing to make a deal.
your welcome

Good Luck

jim h