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Headlight switch

Friends -

Not long ago, my headlight switch ('86 5000CS TQ) started refusing to
remain on low beam.  It would go to low beam as long as you held the handle
in that position.  It has recently started only working in high beam
position at all. The lights go *out* in low beam position.  I reviewed the
threads (back to 7/27/94) on the wiring and such (more voltage, igor, ...),
and I guess the switch just just can't handle the full headlight load.  I
also saw in Bently how to replace the switch assembly, but I originally
wanted to take it apart before ordering a new one from Linda at Carlsen.
The foot-to-18-inches of snow that we just got this last week kinda put a
damper on my "didling" around with this.


Is the switch "fried" completely (unfixable)?

Price of a new one?

Maybe Alan (Cordiero) could enlighten us as to what brand of dual headlight
relay he used in his conversion ("RE: fog lights/driving lights", 21 Sep

Any info is appreciated, thanks.

Brad Shurter - AOT Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
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