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Re: Headlight switch, and lots more, and more and ...

Hey, thanks to all of you who replied to my "headlight switch" questions.
It's been a great help to shed some light on this impending "black hole"
(although some of these replies have created a new one :^) ).  Guess for
the hell-of-it I'll take it apart this weekend before I order a new one,
although I don't expect much.  Putting in a relay sounds like a pain, but
I'll be doing that too.

This "net" sure is GREAT way to get other's tips and points-of-view, hope I
can reciprocate sometime.

PS. I didn't know that there was a fellow Lab-ite, here (Richard Thomsen).

Brad Shurter - AOT Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
87545  (505)665-1122, E-mail: rshurter@lanl.gov, 73023.533@compuserve.com