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RE: difficult with cranking engine

Couple of thoughts:

     1- Is your battery fully charged.  Try Cranking while getting a jump
         from your other car.

     2- It also could be the starter that can turn the engine fast enough. 
 I just
          replaced mine.  Not sure how you can check this??


ps:  Please make sure that you identify your make(hopefully it is an Audi)
model, year of your  car when posting....
> From: quattro
> To: quattro
> Subject: difficult with cranking engine
> Date: Tuesday, October 18, 1994 1:04PM
> Hi, I'm not sure if this is a problem though it's kind of annoying
> to me all the time. Every time when I start engine, the engine seems
> to have difficult to crank just before it ignites. The feeling is
> just like you are cranking a rusty wheel which needs grease/lubricant
> on the shaft. In comparison, everything is very smooth when I start
> my Mitsubitsch. What could be the problem? tension is too high with
> the timing belts or V-belts? the grease is frozen? needs lubricant?
> I vaguely remember this began to annoy me after I had the timing belts
> and V-belts changed over(which is probably two years ago).
> Any suggestion from net friends?
> Qian