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Re: difficult with cranking engine

   Hi, I'm not sure if this is a problem though it's kind of annoying
   to me all the time. Every time when I start engine, the engine seems
   to have difficult to crank just before it ignites. The feeling is
   just like you are cranking a rusty wheel which needs grease/lubricant
   on the shaft. In comparison, everything is very smooth when I start
   my Mitsubitsch. What could be the problem? tension is too high with

Ah ha, Mitsubishi's are fine little automobiles . . . (but no need to
start that pissing contest again...snicker...)

   the timing belts or V-belts? the grease is frozen? needs lubricant?
   I vaguely remember this began to annoy me after I had the timing belts
   and V-belts changed over(which is probably two years ago).
   Any suggestion from net friends?

Does you car turn over easier hot than cold?

Overall, sounds like a weak battery. (The easy and quick solution...)
Have you tried starting it jumpered from a nice reliable running car,
like, say, a handy Mitsubishi? Try both with the other car off (just
using its battery) and running (little higher voltage initially to
help cut through bad contacts, etc.), but DON'T leave two running
engines/electrical systems connected any longer than absolutely ne-
cesary!!! Have you checked the charge (and acid level) of the battery?

Also, if yours is one of the models with the battery under the back seat,
bear in mind that it is a *long* run to the starter, so as cables age and
corrode, resistive loss is an order-of-magnitude larger problem than with
lesser-engineered cars.

On my UrQ, I believe the cable actually runs from the rear-mounted bat-
tery all the way forward to the alternator, and then from the alternator back
to the starter, compounding the problem! Make sure all the connections are
clean and tight.

Also, look for weak (glowing dull cherry red?) ground for the battery/
starter circuit.

It might even be a bad starter, although short of installing a new starter,
I haven't the slightest idea how you can check that out.