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Re; Re: Electrical problems

> -- Power to the radio will flash on and off when the radiator fan turns on.
>    Also, if the headlights are on, they will dim for a second.  This is the
>    most annoying of the problems since the radio will turn off and on
>    times durong a 15 min. drive.  I'm thinking it may be a weak battery but
>    it is a fairly new one and there has not been any problem cranking the
>    engine.

>I have exactly this problem in an '81 Coupe. I have a brand new battery, so
>that is probably not the problem. I, too, would appreciate any ideas on

Check your Engine to Chassis/Battery ground cable.  I had a strange starter
problem and other electrical strangeness and this was the solution.  The
ground wire in the Coupe is one of the two upper 17mm head transmission to
engine bolts.

Eric Fletcher
'81 Coupe 330K Miles and Still Going!
'87 5000CS Turbo Quattro