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All sorts of Stuff

Hi all,

Just thought that I would ask a question about my "new" 87 5000CS TQ and also
let everyone know about a GREAT source of used parts. 

      Has any one figured out the best cruise speed to MPG speed?
      I just finished a 650mile round trip at an average speed of
      85 mph and got 28 mpg.  How does this compare?

Blatent Plug:
      A great souce of used parts in the midwest (but they will ship
anywhere) is Modern Imports, and you want to talk to Kevin.  These people are
Informed Audi owners and they can be a great help with the stranger problems
that our cars can somtimes exhibit!  The phone number is 314/638-6040 tell
them that Eric Fletcher sent ya!  (I have no assiocation with Modern
Imports... Just a happy customer, That bought his 87 5000CS TQ for $2000 from

Eric Fletcher
'81 Coupe 330K Miles and Still Going!
'87 5000CS TQ (Bought for $2000!!)