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Re: Brake lite problems

Thanks again for your help.
I disassembled what seemed to be nearly the entire driver's footwell area.
It took four screws to remove the package shelf and then I had to disassemble
my wiring harness for my fog/drving lites which I had mounted in the shelf
assembly.  I removed the heat duct for the footwell and finally found your
two switches.  The top one is apparently the brake light switch.  I pulled
off the connector and shorted the two exposed connectors and lo! and behold!
the brake lights came on.  Whoopee!  The problem has been identified.

Replacing that virtually inaccessible switch is gonna be another matter
entirely.  I can't get my head into a position where I can use my bifocals :-(
to see what the he** I'm trying to do.  It doesn't appear to be quite as
easy a job as you described.  It looks like it screws out of its bracket.
I think I'm going to tell my local mechanic (independent - not Audi) to 
repolace it for me.  He's much younger and still has eyes.  :-)

At least I can now give him a definite diagnosis and tell him exactly what I
want him to do.

Thanks for the info.  It was a big help.

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