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Re: oxs reset switch

     On the Quantum, the OXS light is reset as follows:
     1.  Open the hood and locate a small black box on the speedometer 
     cable, in that little space at the base of the hood that is separated 
     from the rest of the engine compartment.  The box will be up close to 
     the firewall.
     2.  On the little black box,find a round pushbutton (I think it's 
     white) that is mounted in a tubular extension of the box.  It goes 
     into this tube when you press it.
     3.  Using a small screwdriver, press this button into the tube until 
     it clicks.  When you let go, the button will return to its original 
     position -- it doesn't stay depressed.
     You have now reset the OXS light.  Enjoy another 30,000 miles, and 
     don't worry about the oxygen sensor until the car starts to run 
     - Dave Dahl  (dad@roadnet.ups.com)
     - '87 VW Quantum Syncro
     - '88 VW Fox GL

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Subject: oxs reset switch
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Subject: oxs reset switch
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Hi all:
I am trying to find where and how to reset the ox sensor dash light.  It 
came on this morning, but since the car feels exactly the same, I think 
I just need to reset the switch.  Also, the sensor has about 50K miles, 
so it is not very old.  Oh, this is an 86 Quantum 2.2il5.