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Re: Starter noise - imminent death?

     Yes, it could be the solenoid.  Yes, it could be grinding flywheel 
     teeth.  Basically, it sounds like you're going to end up replacing the 
     starter anyway, so doing so now may save a few teeth on the flywheel.  
     Another thing to consider is what will happen when the starter finally 
     dies -- it will probably fail to engage (i.e., strand you manymany 
     miles from home) or fail to disengage (i.e., break things that cost 
     lotsa money).  If it was happening to me, I'd replace it *before* it 
     failed completely.  I don't think you have a chance of saving the 
     solenoid at this point.
     - Dave Dahl  (dad@roadnet.ups.com)
     - '87 VW Quantum Syncro
     - '88 VW Fox GL

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I've got an 86 4000q with 219k miles, and the starter makes a really raunchy 
noise upon startup (when else?). My mechanic says to just use it until it 
dies, but 
A) it's embarassing
B) I wonder if something preventative could prevent the motor's demise?
It is a sort of scratching noise that happens usually after you let go of the 
key, although it does it if you hold the key for a long time in the on 
I tried spraying huge quantities of WD-40 in the long narrow screw holes and 
then starting it - no good. Could it be that little solonoid gadget on the 
side that shoots it onto the flywheel? Could it be grinding the flywheel