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Re[2]: Snow Tires

 What about some recommendations for a good
> snow tire? I have been managing with all-season tires so far but would like 
> to buy a set of dedicated snow tires for the winter. Looking at the old
> posts from last year, I noted that several people on this list bought 
> snow tires - Bridgestone Blizzaks, Pirelli 190P, etc.
 >>The guys on the Volvo mailing list, who have much more reason 
 >>to worry about snow than you quattro drivers, used to swear by
 >>Nokia Hakkapelliktas (I know that's *almost* right, but not 
 >>quite). I don't know if anyone's tried it on their Audi.
     The current opinions on the Volvo list seem to be split between the 
     Haakas and the Blizzaks.  Some have said that the Blizzaks win a 
     traction contest on everything but snow-covered ice, in which case 
     only studded tires will help.  People also claim that the Blizzaks are 
     quieter on dry roads.  Nobody has mentioned mileage.  If I were to buy 
     snow tires now, I would buy one of these two (leaning toward the 
     Blizzaks), or maybe some Pirellis.
     This is all third-hand information now, so take it FWIW.
     - Dave Dahl  (dad@roadnet.ups.com)
     - '87 VW Quantum Syncro
     - '88 VW Fox GL